Investment Banking

Saudi Kuwaiti Finance House is specialized in financial consulting and assisting clients in obtaining appropriate financing by providing structure design and delivering a broad range of Sharia approved products and services. We tailor our products and services to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Following are main services we offer through investment banking and private equity group:

  • Debt Capital Market
  • Corporate Finance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Private Equity


We provide a full range of advisory, origination, structuring and capital raising services to clients based on their specific needs by structuring various types of Islamic asset-backed securities (Sukuk), Islamic Facility syndication, creating sophisticated for client’s needs.

Our service includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Sukuk Issuance: We have unparalleled capabilities in structuring and placing Islamic financing instruments that can be either placed privately with institutional investors or offered publicly in local or regional securities markets.
  • Project Financing: We provide a range of consulting services including assistance in obtaining appropriate financing for our clients involved in the development of Greenfield Industrial Projects, Industrial Expansion Projects and Real Estate & Infrastructure Projects.
  • Acquisition Financing: We provide consultancy on transaction structuring to our clients on acquisition transactions and help them in securing senior, subordinated and mezzanine financing from local, regional and international banks, financial institutions and funds.
  • Securitization: We provide full range of services in asset securitization and are specialized in the structuring, packaging, and placement of various types of receivables and financial assets.
  • Debt Arranging: We provide assistance to our clients in securing financing from local banks, regional banks and other financial institutions.


We assist companies in deciding the most optimal course of action based on their business, industry, legal structure, and future financing needs by creating sophisticated strategies for client’s needs. Our investment banking team has substantial experience and expertise in raising equity financing for clients and we provide full range of advisory, origination, structuring, and capital raising services to our clients.

Our service includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Initial Public Offering: We advise companies on offering shares to the public in order to provide liquidity to the shareholders (initial public offering) or to expand their business. Our services includes IPOs, rights issues, secondary offerings.
  • Private Placement: We provide a complete solution to our clients who want to raise equity financing through private placement. We assist our clients in obtaining regulatory approvals, valuation, determining optimal offer pricing, preparation of offering documents, road shows, and subscription management.
  • Business Valuation: Our team has extensive experience in enterprise valuation, and we provide an independent, well-reasoned and well-supported opinion on value of shareholders’ equity (majority or minority stakes) for private and public equity offerings, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, corporate planning, etc.
  • Financial Modelling: we can provide unparalleled spreadsheet financial modelling services. We design financial models in accordance with the specific requirements and information provided by our clients. Our financial models support our clients in transactions such as project financing, M&A, valuations, equity analysis, and financial forecasting for company financial management.
  • Corporate Restructuring: We provide comprehensive financial and operational restructuring services and advice to under performing and financially stressed businesses, their lenders, shareholders and other stakeholders. The services offered combine the provision of specialist business advice and the development of innovative solutions to complex problems, as well as formal insolvency procedures.


Private Equity

We invest through our Direct Corporate Investment Platform alongside our business partners, entrepreneurs, families, corporations and other investors in growth sectors in the local, regional and international markets. We deeply seek to identify new opportunities in targeted sector which has a potential to be the industry leader. We seek superior long-term capital appreciation while maintaining a relatively prudent approach to risk.
We actively assist our portfolio companies with, financial control, business strategy, operational support, recruitment, etc.
We Exit investments through trade sales, IPOs and other structures.


We provide strategic advisory services and consultancy to our clients on structuring mergers and acquisition transactions and arranging financing for the M&A from various sources. Our team uses a highly analytical approach to provide unique insights, expert tactical advice and quality execution in approaching clients' most challenging issues.

We serve both buyers and sellers with in-depth financial and strategic analysis, identify potential transaction partners, develop creative deal structures, and negotiate complex transaction terms. Our role in M&A transaction includes but not limited to the following:

  • Identifying and evaluating strategic expansion opportunities
  • Target identification, evaluation and contact
  • Identification of potential buyers and preparation of marketing material
  • Identification and estimation of synergies
  • Merger modelling
  • Transaction structuring
  • Coordinating due diligence process
  • Arranging acquisition financing.