Asset Management

With our biggest asset being our client base, you can be rest assured SKFH is here to make managing your assets an easy and efficient process. SKFH provides Sharia compliant investment strategies that concentrate in developing and managing investment products in different asset types like Equities, Islamic Fixed Income, and Real Estate.


Equity Management

Our equity team is comprised of diverse individuals who are experienced and highly skilled fund and portfolio managers. The funds managed by the team have a distinguished track record. SKFH’s funds are highly ranked amongst their peers and have received various industry awards.




Real Estate Management

By concentrating on the outstanding growth in the Saudi real estate sector, and capitalizing on our capabilities and experience, SKFH select the best real estate investment opportunities offered by premium real estate developers and properties.






Our discretionary portfolio management services are customized for institutional and high net-worth investors in the Saudi and GCC markets. This product satisfies aggressive, semi-aggressive and normal risk-return profiles with various unique structured products.